Introduce your company to the widest group of consumers! Take advantage of the most popular social media venues to promote your brand.

Social media ensure quick and direct contact with your clients. Thanks to them you can show the more “human” side of your company and build relationship with your customers.

We offer services related to the following social media networks:

It is the most popular social networking site. It has more than one billion users worldwide, including over 11 million in Poland alone. It allows you to post entries, photos and videos of current events.

...but that’s not all!

It is an interest-based networking site which, when combined with other Google services, has a positive impact on your company’s image online. It allows you to collect real user reviews and provide up to date content.

Perfect when you have a lot to say! Short entries can perfectly act as blog posts. Twitter is becoming more and more popular in Poland - even politicians tweet!

These are networking sites that will help connect with professionals from your specific industry. Professional business contacts will strengthen your company’s image.

and many more…

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