Have you ever wondered why your site does not generate sufficient profits? Why it doesn’t generate enough traffic and if, visitors do not remain on it long enough? Or perhaps your store does not perform well enough to reach its sales potential? We will help you find answers, correct errors and shortcomings.

Our experts will perform your site’s or online store’s audit. They will pin-point their weaknesses both in the aspect of their efficiency from the client’s point of view as well as from the perspective of SEO. All necessary instructions and guidelines will be included in our report. Next, they will be implemented in the process of site optimization. Thanks to this process, your site will become more user friendly, able to reach top positions in the Google search list.

What’s included in the SEO audit?

  • Meta-data analysis, that is information recognized by Google search engine.
  • Control of internal links and external redirects.
  • Analysis of site’s link building and quality.
  • Script, server response time and content download time analysis.
  • Detecting site’s code errors and analysis of the possible modifications in line with Google search engine requirements.
  • Search engine indexing evaluation.
  • Review of content structure and its uniqueness (including visual content).
  • Site security analysis and checking for potential threats.
If you order search engine optimization with us – SEO audit and error correction (optimization) is FREE!

Audit may also include the following:

  • Evaluation of site effectiveness from the customer’s point of view (the ease of use, visual consistency, resistance to user errors, etc.)
  • Ability to display page on various devices (with different screen resolutions, including mobile devices).
  • Monitoring site’s security (protection of personal data, validation of query forms, protection against content theft, etc.)
  • Checking for the consistency of the information flow - marketing communication channel.
  • Designing a comprehensive marketing strategy in line with the site and company’s profile.

Sounds complicated? Contact us – we will explain everything and introduce a detailed cooperation offer.

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