Find loyal customers with the help of the most popular social network on earth. Introduce your online store and get your ads in front of eyes that matter on Facebook!

Greatest benefits of the Facebook remarketingcampaign

  • you’ll encourage people to revisit your site,
  • you’ll reach both mobile and desktop device users .

How does Facebook remarketing works?

  • Your potential clients visit your website or your online store,
  • Some clients make a purchase, others select products, place themin their shopping cart and leave,
  • Thanks to remarketing ads on Facebook, you’ll encourage those visitors who have left without buying anything to revisit your store and complete their purchase.

There are two ways to add users to your custom audience group:

  • Adding all users who have visited your website,
  • Adding only those users who have visited specific pages on your site.

Add code to your website

It is necessary to install a special code to identify visitors to your site. This special Facebook service code, which is generated by us, must be placed on all sub-pages. To do this, copy and paste it between the header tags < head > and < /head > on all sub-pages of your website. We offer our full technical support!

Here’s an example of the FB remarketing code

Przyk3adowy kod remarketingu na FB

You may also take advantage of the tools helping target lookalike audiences - Lookalike

Connect with new people whose profiles are similar to your custom audience profiles! Your audience may be optimized for certain similarities (i.e. they behave in similar ways online), or by comparing them with a larger group of recipients optimized for reach.

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