Remarketing is a strategic component of your advertising allowing for finding specific customers who have previously visited your site but left without buying anything or contacting you. By viewing other websites, he or she will see your ads and will come back to visit you. By visiting numerous websites and web-based services, they will spot ad of the company, brand or specific products they were interested in.

A very effective way to remind customers about your offer. Achieve the best sales and brands awarness results!

Benefits of remarketing:

  • The widest range nationally – Google Display Network reaches over 92% of Internet users and advertising space online
  • Precise targeting – we only target those users who have already been interested in your offer in the past when they’re most likely to buy your products or services.
  • Relevant content – you can choose sites on specific topics to display your banners.
  • Low cost – we monitor the campaign cost on the ongoing basis.
  • Full automatization and expert support.
Most effective as a vital component of an integrated marketing campaign. Lean more about AdWords!

How remarketing works:

Each time a user visits your site, he or she leaves a trace in a form of information stored inside cookies. Our tool collects this information and when the same user visits thousands of other websites, he will see your company ads displayed at these sites. By clicking on the ad, he will be redirected to the specific subpage that displays your website’s product or information.

Remarketing lets other Internet users learn about new services and promotions you advertise on your own website.

You can also specify what kind of users will see your ads, e.g. those who have spent minimum 30 seconds visiting your website.

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