Increase sales and brand awareness among your potential clients. This innovative marketing tool lets you reach Gmail users when they check their mailbox. Is your offer more attractive than your competition’s? Would you like to stand out above other brands? Don’t wait – we will help you find new customers!

How are Gmail Ads different?

  • Your ads reach real people – not cookie files!
  • Scope – your reach hundreds of millions users on all types of devices.
  • Precise data analyses – all data about user interaction with your ads.
  • Efficient payment structure – you pay only once for each single user.
  • You reach both private individuals as well as professionals from various branches of industry.
  • Specific target market – only with this tool you can specify your target audience so precisely!

How to target specific audience?

  • Client purchase history
  • Keywords used in search box
  • The domain from which the owner receives e-mail messages
  • Location / language
  • Age and gender
  • Topics of interest

How are your ads displayed?

Users of mobile devices and computers will first see a preview of your ad in the Promotions menu. In addition, it will be displayed in the message box on computers.

By clicking on the preview, the inbox owner will be redirected to the specially designed advertising content. It can contain information about your company, attractive sales, offers and promotions, video content, a contact form or specific products in case of online stores.

Gmail Sponsored Promotions

Gmail Sponsored Promotions is an innovative tool offered by selected agencies only. We proudly offer this campaign. Prior to launching the campaign, we verify if your site will benefit from using this tool – certain limitations may apply.

Write to us and find out more!