Would you like to improve your website’suser experience? Do you have too few "likes" on Facebook andwant to change it? That’s easy! Remember, the more 'likes” you receive, the more reliable you become, your brand awareness increases and your reputation online grows.

Facebook marketing (Fan Page'a)

Sponsored Ads appear seamlessly in the newsfeed, both on desktop, laptop or mobile devices. As a result, you can reach Internet users interested in relevant topics. This information can then be easily forwarded to more friends, giving you a unique opportunity to take advantage of the "word of mouth" marketing strategy.

Facebook reklama w aktualnoœciach

What’s your business goal?

  • To increase online sales,
  • To increase sales locally,
  • To promote events,
  • To increaseyour brand awareness.

Marketing online stores and websites

This type of advertising appears on the right side of the page. When visitors click on the ads, they are redirected to your website or your online store. If you don’t have a Facebook page yet , but would like to advertise there - no problem!

Facebook Fan Page allows for implementation of various kinds of digital marketing, including sponsored ads.

Identify your target audience by:

  • User location,
  • Users’ demographic data,
  • Specific interests,
  • User behavior analytics.
Campaign costs depend on your budget and your target audence.

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