Alte Media has been delivering expert services in the area of digital marketing for over a decade, meeting the needs of wide range of customers from various branches of industry.

Members of our team are passionate about online marketing.We are Certified Google Partners! We help our clients succeed with digital marketing strategies we design. We maximize sales profits by increasing visibility and brand recognition online.

If you want to view the world from the top position on Google, you have found the right place!

All of our team members enhance and refine their professional skills on an ongoing basis, especially when these skills parallel their private interests and hobbies. IT sector is among the fastest-growing industries, and by keeping up with the cutting edge solutions, we are able to provide effective campaigns that bring real results.

What we do?

  • Organic search engine optimization
  • Google AdWords and search engine advertising services
  • Web analytics
  • Social media
  • Other digital marketing services (such as remarketing, email campaigns etc.)

We take holistic approach to digital marketing. We will prepare a comprehensive strategy and will work on implementing it. We will be monitoring the results on an ongoing basis, refining our strategy along the way.

Maximize your profits! Increase your brand awareness!
Let the world see you online! Beat your competition!

Alte Media's team of passionate experts will help you achieve these goals.

Our certificates

Alte Media values experience and professionalism. We’ve earned trust of many companies in Poland – please see our client testimonials. As an official partner of Google, we enjoy their endorsement. We stand out in the industry as a firm employing certified marketing specialists.

Google Partners

We are Certified Google Partners. We have met all strict requirements in regards to our experience, sales volume and employee credentials. Our marketing services are ranked atthe highest level possible by Google. You can check it for yourself – click on the logo!

AdWords Elevator Programme

Google Elevator

As one of the top 20 agencies in Poland with the highest potential growth Google has selected us for the Google Elevator programme.

AdWords Qualified

Google Adwords Qualified Individual

Our team members are experts in the area of Google paid advertising. Receiving Google’s certificate is equivalent with passing certification exams preceded by an extensive training, both in the area of search result advertising as well as the entire Advertising Network. Our campaigns reach the highest CTR and, thanks to our experience, they turn into safe financial investments.

Analitics Qualified

Google Analytics Qualified Individual

All marketing operations are based on the thorough analysis and reporting. Our specialists have earnedthe individual Google Analytics certifications, followed by an extensive training and passing the exam. Thanks to our analysis, we can increase the number of conversions and profits from existing websites.

We work with companies from all over Poland, but many of our clients come from the Tri-City!